Skobalt is a freelance consulting practice aimed at helping you be successful. We work with you to develop custom solutions for your needs. Services include idea refinement, analysis, software development, mobile friendly design, apps, data-driven interfaces, and intellectual consulting. We employ strong analytical backgrounds as well as software skills spanning many technologies.

Graham and Ryan Yoakum

Skobalt is the joint venture of Graham and Ryan Yoakum. Graduates of Caltech with degrees in Computer Science, they have decades in combined experience in web technologies and software development. When not on the web, they can be found in North Carolina.

Ideas can simply be admired or developed into impactful solutions. Are your ideas currently a dim novelty or something you are benefiting from? Capitalizing on our independent perspectives and multitude of skills, we can expand ideas into innovations enabling your success.

Let us hand you the keys that unlock the power of your ideas. The most useful solutions are the ones you securely interact with while not needing to understand everything under the covers in mobile devices, the cloud, or elsewhere. We build straightforward interfaces and hide any necessary complexity.

Skobalt is your ideas enabled. Your vision realized. That's Skobalt.

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